Babe Ruth Hits His Record 60th Home Run September 30, 1927
It was September 30, 1927, when Babe Ruth hit his Major League record 60th home run, a record that would stand for 34 years until Roger Maris broke it with 61 in the 1961 season. George Herman Ruth, known as ‘The Babe’ started as a pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles but his contract was sold that sa…
13 Epic Foul Ball GIFs
There are tons of awesome things about baseball season, like grabbing a hot dog or yelling "hey batta batta!" But arguably the best part of going to a game is trying to catch foul balls.
Shortstop and Skydiver Collide
The Hannibal Cavemen are a summer collegiate baseball team that plays in Missouri, made up of mostly college players looking to hone their skills. Mattingly Romanin is a sophomore at Chicago State University and plays shortstop for the Cavemen. He also has the distinction of sustaining an injury tha…
Joe DiMaggio’s 56-Game Hit Streak Comes to an End
It was July 17, 1941, in Cleveland before the largest baseball crowd that year when Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak came to an end. The most unfortunate thing about that game is it was not televised, so there is no recording of the event that saw DiMaggio go 0 for 3 that night.
Cleveland Indians Fan Has One Lucky Day
Fans go to baseball games hoping to catch a foul ball; some go their whole life without getting close. For one Cleveland Indians fan, the lottery would have been easier to win than what happened to him this past Sunday. The Indians were playing the Kansas City Royals at home, when Greg Van Niel, a s…
This Is Sports Cliche Week
To coincide with Baseball’s All Star game tonight, it's sport cliché week. You’ve heard them when a player is being interviewed and wants to say the right thing. Most are standard issue from some book professional athletes must be required to read before t…

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