Maine High School Basketball Tournament Schedule
It's that time again. Here you go. We have the complete remaining schedules for the Maine Principals' Association boys' and girls' basketball state tournaments in Augusta, Bangor and Portland.
Because of the storm the Western D Girls’ Semis and all Western C Semis …
High School Girl’s Basketball Game Blowout
Not sure if this is the most lopsided victory in high school basketball but it has to be one of them. It is the second most in this area of California as Arroyo Valley’s girls’ basketball team beat Bloomington by a score of 161-2. That doesn’t even see…
Kentucky & Uconn in the Championship
My college basketball bracket is officially toasted! I was hanging on by a thread because I had Florida going all the way and winning the National Championship. WRONG! The Gators got beat in the Final Four by #7 Connecticut 63-53, so any hopes I had of picking at least one right went down the drain
Why is College Basketball Better Than the NBA? while Chad was taking a nap after a hard day at work yesterday, I went to the school and picked up the kids. I tried to keep the kids quiet. They did GREAT! They did their homework, they read books, played upstairs.
It was I who had the problem.
Girl Juggles Basketballs With Her Feet!
You know how some things just pop out at you when you are looking at Facebook?
Yup. This one was CRAZY!
I mean, who even thinks about trying to attempt this?
Apparently, some people have a lot of time on their hands....or feet!

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