Easy and Fast Way to Soften Butter
I hate when butter is frozen. It’s hard to spread and usually rips the bread apart. You can leave the butter in a butter dish and it will soften, but if you forget and have to take a fresh stick out of the fridge, it hard.
Food Trends for 2014
According to CNN, 2014 will be a new year in more ways than one. Not only will the date change but there will be new trends in food to look forward to. Trends like new pastries, star chefs who have gone green, new beer cuisine and more breweries in hotels.
7-Up Biscuits? Sharon Tried Them And You Can, Too!
When I saw this post on many of my friends' Facebook pages, I saw they posted it but never made them. When I showed Chad the picture of them he said "Mmmm, those look good!"
And always wanting to make sure he gets a yummy meal, I bought the ingredients.