Easy and Fast Way to Soften Butter
I hate when butter is frozen. It’s hard to spread and usually rips the bread apart. You can leave the butter in a butter dish and it will soften, but if you forget and have to take a fresh stick out of the fridge, it hard.
Sharon Buck Made Texas Roadhouse Rolls
On Saturday night, Chad and I went out with our friends, Rick and Rita Turcotte for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Augusta. I thought it was going to be just another dinner.
But, oh my, I went home with a hankerin' for more of those delicious dinner rolls. So I found the recipe!
Save Money…Bake Bread!
It's Fall. Time to get baking! And what better thing to bake than bread?
My brother, Ray, makes a great loaf of bread. Every year around Christmastime, he bakes loaves for family and friends. I know I love receiving mine! He deemed us worthy of his recipe. It's called
Awesome Banana Bread…Yum!
When I first became a wife in 1995 my mother gave me one of her biggest treasures. It wasn't jewelry or photos of my ancestors or advice handed down from generation to generation. It wasn't her wedding dress to wear on my big day. It wasn't something new, something borrowed or blue...…