Somebody Has Finally Built ‘The Homer’ Car
The Porcubimmer racing team has built a real-life version of Homer Simpson's dream car (and failed attempt at auto design), The Homer. The car will race at the Buttonwillow Raceway in California this weekend in the 24 Hours of LeMons race -- an endurance race for cars that cost less than $500.
10 Awesomely Creative Cars We Wish We Had
Besides being vital components in most of our lives, cars can be really awesome creative canvases. Even though not everyone is into all that complicated, fancy shmancy car decor, there's a big chance these weirdly awesome cars could change your mind.
Louisiana Tech Wins Shell Eco-Marathon Challange
Last weekend more than a thousand high school and college studenst from around the country competed in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, which challenges students to design and build high mileage vehicle. For the second year in a row Louisiana Tech’s vehicle ‘Hot Rod&CloseCurlyQ…
Know Your Car! Or At Least More About It!
I can change my own oil. I can put air in my tires. I can change my windshield wipers. I can fill my power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze and oil. I can replace my bulbs and fuses. I can change my own tires. I sometimes need a little help because I'm not strong enough to get the …
5 Weird Concept Cars That Were Vetoed by Some Buzzkill in a Suit
Every year, new groundbreaking automotive designs are introduced to this progressive planet, which serve to challenge both the traditional definitions of driving and masculinity alike. While automakers and their mad science committees work relentlessly to become the first to bare the most radical an…

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