88 Year Old Charges Mound After High and Tight Pitch
The Colorado Rockies held a fantasy baseball camp where fans from all over could come and, for a day, pretend they were pros. Dressed in uniforms and using professional equipment they had a chance to live out their baseball fantasy. 88 year old Lew Dunlap was one of them.
Colorado Man Goes for Egg Balance Record
Brian Spotts of Denver, Colorado is a world record holder in ‘egg balancing’. This week, he is headed to China to try and break a world record live on TV. This month in Shanghai he will attempt to balance a dozen eggs in less than 75 seconds.
Colorado Man Released 90 Years Early From Jail
Rene Lima-Martin was sent to prison for armed robbery when he robbed a video store in 2000. The sentence on eight convictions added up to 98 years. Martin got lucky though when in 2008, because of a clerical error, he was release 90 years too early. At least he thought he was lucky.
9 Year Old Cancer Supporter Not Allowed in School
Kamryn Renfrom a 9 year old girl from Grand Junction, Colorado was kept out of class at Caprock Academy on Monday because she shaved her head. The school has a strict policy about girls shaving their head, but Kamryn’s reason was a special one.
Colorado Governor Mansion has Beer Taps Installed
If you ever visit Colorado try to get invited to the Governor’s mansion, you might get a free beer. State officials said 3 beer taps have been installed at the mansion, paid for by private donations. Why would they want beer taps at the Governor’s mansion?
Colorado Looking to Put Marriage Classes on the Ballot
On the November ballot in Colorado there is group that is trying to get a proposal that would have all pre-wedding brides and grooms take a marriage class before saying ‘I Do’. It would be mandatory for couples to take the class, a pre marriage counseling session.

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