88 Year Old Charges Mound After High and Tight Pitch
The Colorado Rockies held a fantasy baseball camp where fans from all over could come and, for a day, pretend they were pros. Dressed in uniforms and using professional equipment they had a chance to live out their baseball fantasy. 88 year old Lew Dunlap was one of them.
Colorado Man Goes for Egg Balance Record
Brian Spotts of Denver, Colorado is a world record holder in ‘egg balancing’. This week, he is headed to China to try and break a world record live on TV. This month in Shanghai he will attempt to balance a dozen eggs in less than 75 seconds.
Colorado Man Released 90 Years Early From Jail
Rene Lima-Martin was sent to prison for armed robbery when he robbed a video store in 2000. The sentence on eight convictions added up to 98 years. Martin got lucky though when in 2008, because of a clerical error, he was release 90 years too early. At least he thought he was lucky.
9 Year Old Cancer Supporter Not Allowed in School
Kamryn Renfrom a 9 year old girl from Grand Junction, Colorado was kept out of class at Caprock Academy on Monday because she shaved her head. The school has a strict policy about girls shaving their head, but Kamryn’s reason was a special one.
Colorado Governor Mansion has Beer Taps Installed
If you ever visit Colorado try to get invited to the Governor’s mansion, you might get a free beer. State officials said 3 beer taps have been installed at the mansion, paid for by private donations. Why would they want beer taps at the Governor’s mansion?

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