Cow Saved From Frozen Pond
In Monmouth, Oregon a cow ventured onto a frozen pond, slipped and couldn’t get back up. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office got the call that the cow had fallen and couldn’t up.
A Sheriff Deputy, the owner of the cow and a friend rushed to the rescue...
Car Hits Cow In Readfield
A car hit a cow on Route 17 in Readfield this Saturday night. A 2003 Ford sedan driven by William Ervin, 25, of Readfield was eastbound on Maine Street, Route 17, when the accident happened around 11 p.m.
Cow’s Death a Mystery to Kansas City Police
It’s a mystery that has cattle ranchers and police wondering what happened. It involves a mutilated cow on a ranch near the Kansas City International Airport. A cow was found dead with its sexual organs and udder removed but there is no evidence as to who, or what, did it.