Egg Prices Going Up
You might have noticed signs at your local supermarket explaining why egg prices are higher. In fact, egg prices at some supermarkets have tripled in the past few weeks. Why are the prices going up so much?
Colorado Man Goes for Egg Balance Record
Brian Spotts of Denver, Colorado is a world record holder in ‘egg balancing’. This week, he is headed to China to try and break a world record live on TV. This month in Shanghai he will attempt to balance a dozen eggs in less than 75 seconds.
Making Hard-Boiled Eggs
With Easter coming this Sunday it’s time to make hard boiled eggs. I always have a problem with them either splitting in the pot of water or not peeling correctly after they have cooled down. So here are a couple of ways to make, what the experts say, will be the perfect hard-boiled …
Food You Should Never Eat Raw
There are some foods you should never eat raw. Since the discovery of fire, man has learned to cook food to make it taste better and to make it more healthy for us to eat. Animals, of course, can’t control fire like us, so they still eat foods raw, but for man, it’s not a good idea. Here are some fo…
Cooking For Guys: ‘Breakfast Pockets’
It's been a while since my last cooking for guys, frankly because I think I cooked everything that I knew how to make! Then as I was getting ready to make breakfast this morning, it hit me, try making a breakfast pocket! Here's what I used.
20-Year-Old Guy Dies After Eating 28 Raw Eggs
Even if you've never seen the Paul Newman classic 'Cool Hand Luke,' you're probably aware of its famous scene in which Newman's title character wins a bet by downing 50 hard boiled eggs in one sitting. We're not sure how much they know about 'Cool Hand Luke' i…