O.K. Guys, Mansplaining is a No No
Mansplaining’ has become such a big problem in Sweden a telephone hotline has been set up to report instances of this terrible, terrible issue. What is ‘mansplaining’?
39, The Age Men Become Invisible to Younger Women
Well guys, I hate to burst your ego, but a new survey shows, when a man hits 39 years of age, he becomes invisible to younger women. It’s not the case in all younger women, if you manage to stay fit and healthy and look like George Clooney, but 39 seems to be the cutoff age.
Ponosexual the New Metrosexual
Looks like the days of the metrosexual man is on the way out to make room for the ‘spornosexual’.  This is the man that is often at the gym working out, chiseled, tanned and hot. He’s a guy who spends his money on making his body look good as a way of showi…
Men Buy Underwear Every Seven Years
A survey done in Great Britain says men, on average, keep their underwear for seven years. Not really earth-shattering news to most men and even though it’s an English study, it probably holds true for most of the so called ‘civilized’ world.
Beards on the Decline, Clean Shaven on the Upswing
According to a new study men’s beards seem to come and go in popularity, depending on how popular beards are. Sounds confusing, but not really. As beards become popular it means more men have beards, as more and more men have beards, it’s not considered rare anymore, …
An Australian Company Comes Out With Men’s Lingerie
An Australian lingerie company is offering lingerie for men including panties, bras and teddies. The big question men have for the company is why do men need to wear lingerie? The answer the company give is: it’s fun, feel great and make underwear shopping more fun. They may think th…
The 7 Things Men Worry About the Most
I know men seem to have their act together all the time and never worry about anything (yes that is sarcasm.) The truth is, men do worry and according to relationship expert and bestselling author Charles J Orlando there are 7 things men fear the most.