New High School Won’t Be Named Obama
A new elite high school in Chicago was to be named after President Barack Obama but that will not happen. Mayor Rahm Emanuel thought it would be a good idea but after on going complaints from African-Americans, they will look for another name.
2013’s Biggest Lie of the Year Winner
Now that 2013 is coming to close a lot of lists are coming out for various things. A list for lies of the year are also making the rounds and most, if not all, can agree on the biggest lie of the year. Not surprisingly it’s a political lie.
President Obama Doesn’t Eat at GOP Luncheon
Last Thursday, President Obama attended a luncheon put on by the GOP and Maine Senator Susan Collins. It was a Maine feast with Lobster salad from the University of Maine and a Maine specialty, Blueberry Pie plus ice cream and chips, but the President didn’t have a bite to eat…why? His official tast…
‘Autotune the News’ Turns Presidential Debate Musical
That's what was missing from yesterday's debate -- a keytar! Brilliant YouTuber Schmoyoho went through footage of the debate from last night between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and made it into quite a catchy little song. One way or another, you WILL be interested in politics this electio…

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