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What You Should and Would Do After Winning Lottery
Every one dreams of winning the lottery, but what are the first things you should do are not necessarily the same things you would do. Some of the things you should do are: remain anonymous if your state allows you (Maine does not), hire a tax pro, pay off debts, live within a budget and take steps …
100 Year Old Eleanor Cunningham Skydives
Eleanor Cunningham took up skydiving 10 years ago and took to the skies again a couple of days ago. Her first jump was at the age of 90, and now on her third, came at the age of 100. She says she plans on making her next jump in five years at the age of 105.
Man in Zebra Print Dress Robs Bank
A 45 year old New Hampshire man robbed a bank dressed in a zebra print dress. Police say he robbed the bank on Thursday by passing a note to the teller and demanding money. No weapon was seen and no one hurt.
Brady vs Manning By The Numbers
This Sunday at Gillette Stadium Tom Brady and Peyton Manning face off once again, this is the 15th meeting between the two, and Brady holds a 10-4 edge. The two have only meet 3 times in the playoffs and Brady leads in that category too, 2-1.
Denver Bronco Fan Disappears From Game
Update below
Thursday night when the Denver Broncos were playing the San Diego Chargers, 53 year old Paul Kitterman disappeared. Kitterman was at the game with his son Jarod, they had seats in the south bleachers, at half time the son went to the rest room and when he came back to his seat his father…
Couples Want to Wed on 12/13/14
There is a big date coming on the calendar that has many couples trying to plan a wedding so they don’t miss it. It’s a once in a lifetime date that won’t happen again. On Saturday, December 13th the date will be 12/13/14, a special date indeed.
Homeland Security Holds Panty Raid
Trying to celebrate the success of the Kansas City Royals at their amazing season and appearance in the World Series, Birdies Panties Shop in Kansas City designed ‘Lucky Royals’ boyshorts. They were all printed and ready to go on sale when Homeland Security showed up and confis…
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up Week 9
Week 9 in college football saw an upset in the top 5 and a couple of close games, at least for 3 quarters. Number 2 Florida State had the week off so the will stay at #2 but the top 5 will change because of the upset of #3 Ole Miss.
Batgirl and Mr. Incredible Brawl
A fight broke out on Hollywood Boulevard between Batgirl and Mr. Incredible. Sounds like the opening of a comic book but it happened in real life. It was a turf war between a woman dressed as Batgirl and a man dressed as Mr. Incredible.
According to Spider-Man, the fight started when Mr. Inc...

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