See When The Latest Snowfall Was Recorded In Maine
There is some snow in the forecast for overnight into early Tuesday but Mainers shouldn't be surprised. Last Memorial Day weekend, the northern Maine town of Presque Isle recorded 5.2 inches of snow on May 23, 2015. However, that's not the latest recorded snowfall in Maine.
New Wing Bowl Record, 444 in 30 Minutes
The 23rd annual Wing Bowl was held in Philadelphia over Super Bowl weekend and a record was set. Patrick ‘Deep Dish’ Bertoletti of Chicago ate 444 chicken wings in 30 minutes. (what the?) He beat the record set earlier this year of 363 wings.
New Land Speed Record Set
A new land speed record has been set by Mike Newman from England. He drove a modified 1200 horsepower Nissan GT-R at 200 miles per hour, not that fast you say? Mike is blind! It’s a world record for land speed for a blind person.
Mars Rover Sets an Out of This World Record
Can you believe the Mars rover ‘Opportunity’ has been on Mars since 2004? Seems like only yesterday! The rover has set a new record on the red planet; it has become the furthest traveled wheeled vehicle on another planet.
Summer of 2014 Coolest on Record So Far
I’m sure you have noticed, the summer of 2014 has been the coolest summer on record. Here in Maine we have not seen many days in the 90’s like most summers, it seems the mid 70’s has been the norm. In most of the United States temps have rarely broken …
Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison
Johnny Cash’s live album ‘Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison’ is in the top five albums ever release countdown, but it was also a comeback album for Cash. The record was released in 1968 when Johnny’s career was taking a downturn because of drugs …

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