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Make Sure To Get The Snow Off Your Roof
With many Maine towns already getting a winter's worth of snow, take the time to get the snow off your roof. I know, we are all tired and sore from just shoveling the driveway and steps, but it's very important to clean off the roof.
Clear Snow And Ice From Your Roof And More
Central Maine has a lot of snow and ice already this early winter, it's been quite the job just keeping up with shoveling the steps, walkway and driveway. But, don't forget with all of this snow and ice, to clear off the roof and make sure all of your exits to your home are cleared of snow…
Remove Snow From Your Roof: ‘For Safety Sake’
We are in the heart of winter in central Maine. This week is bringing the coldest temperatures of the year with a couple chances for more snow. Winter weather brings a wide array of issues to deal with. Icy roads and sidewalks, shoveling our driveways, winterizing your car and high fuels costs. One …