The Legend Of Catherine’s Ghost
There is something about a late evening ghost story around the campfire that is both scary and fascinating. Maine has some legendary ghost stories and maybe one of the most famous ghost stories from Maine is Catherine's Ghost.
Blizzard 2015: Tell Us Your Stories
What a storm! The blizzard of 2015 sure ended up being a big or even bigger than they foretasted. The snow totals ended up between 20 and 30 inches for many in central Maine. Plus with the wind and snow drifts it was a nightmare for driving and cleaning up.
Stories Written at Sharon’s Home
The kids are really going to town on their story books. They get more and more creative with each one.
I will decipher them for you because, well, Jayden is only 6 and Anderson is 7. They have come along way with their spelling! Just a year ago, Jayden could barely read so for her to be writing these…
Kids Tell the Greatest Stories!
While shopping in Walmart, and not having very much money to spend, the kids wanted to walk down the toy aisle. They wanted to get an idea of what Santa could bring them for Christmas.
Yeah, it's getting to that time a year.
In the middle of the aisle was a bunch of back to school stuff. And that…