The kids are really going to town on their story books. They get more and more creative with each one.

I will decipher them for you because, well, Jayden is only 6 and Anderson is 7. They have come along way with their spelling! Just a year ago, Jayden could barely read so for her to be writing these stories is quite remarkable!

Photo by Sharon Buck


"One day a little monkey was in a tree and he found some bananas. And he ate all of them in a second because he was hungry. And he got down and he went to work but a big surprise! Happy Birthday Monkey! For all the monkeys gave her a surprise and all the monkeys were happy again. The End."

And you can't forget Anderson's:

Photo by Sharon Buck

"I am going to make an island! It will be a fishing island and we will go fishing! And we will put the fish in an aquarium!"

Jayden is VERY descriptive! Anderson is more right to the point!

I hope you enjoy their stories and artwork! They amaze me everyday!