While shopping in Walmart, and not having very much money to spend, the kids wanted to walk down the toy aisle. They wanted to get an idea of what Santa could bring them for Christmas.

Yeah, it's getting to that time a year.

In the middle of the aisle was a bunch of back to school stuff. And that's where I saw them.

You know the pads of paper with the space at the top to draw a picture and the lined section where you write what the picture is about? They are really big ones, probably 1.5 feet by 2 feet. And Jayden and Anderson are really having fun with them. When I tell them it's time to write a story they grab their pads and head to the table.

And it's quite amazing what they come up with.

Jayden has written stories about dolphins and cats and Anderson writes stories about all of us as a family going on an adventure together. The pictures are adorable!

And they are so proud of themselves!

The spelling on some words is pretty interesting...sometimes Chad and I need a little help. But it is the simplest things in this world that make kids happy. Paying attention, praise and just general happiness for what they have created makes a kids day!

Parents, you don't have to shower your kids with expensive gifts and video games. Pencils, paper and crayons work just fine. And they are learning, too. Make time for your kids. They'll remember these times more than playing some game on the Wii.

Photo by Sharon Buck