I'm always looking at the Adult Education flyers for ways to broaden my horizons. They have classes for fitness, computer knowledge and crafts.

But this one caught my eye.

AND raised my eyebrows.

Photo by Sharon Buck

I was flipping through the flyer for the Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education program looking for something to do. When I turned the page to 28, I was surprised at what I saw.


After the shock wore off, I read the description of the class and was quite intrigued.

Yes, the basic design is a pine box BUT until your dying day (sorry about the pun) you can use it for other things including a coffin, uh, I mean, COFFEE table, a display cabinet, a storage chest and a wine rack!

I think it's ingenious!!!

It costs $400 and the class is being held Saturday, October 5th. If you're interested, you can register ONLINE or mail in your registration to:

Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education
1 Brooklyn Avenue
Waterville, ME 04901