Are you single?  Dreading the upcoming 'All Lovers Day' holiday coming up?  I've got some songs to give your V-Day a lil kick in the butt.  You can groove your way through the BEST day to be single...and maybe even treat yourself to a box of chocolates. only need you...and some GREAT freakin music.  

Put yer big girl panties on with this song:

Get crap done with this song:

Because you've got better things to do:

Because he's just so friggin GORGEOUS

I'm not  making any suggestions here...

Hey...guys are single too:

This man knows how to be single:

All you needs a quarter:

All best things are heard on the radio:

Legit...Takin care of business:


Now, whatever you do...don't find yourself falling into a deep depression and subjecting yourself to sappy material such as these 2 songs:

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