Mentioned this on the morning show, there is a 113 year old house for sale in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, that is advertised as ‘slightly haunted’. The homeowners, Sandi and Gregory Leeson want to sell the house because they are ‘thoroughly creeped out’ by their house.

They say there are mysteriously banging doors, odd noise coming from the basement and they always feel like someone is standing behind them.

They had an open house which attracted a lot of curious people wanting to check out the house, but no serious buyers. There have been calls from ghost hunters, but they only want to investigate.

One person that did stop by was a former owner, well his parents owned the house, and he said when he was a kid growing up in the house, he found a human skull in the basement. Sandi Leeson said they had that basement barricaded at one time because she heard the clicking of a cigarette lighter.

The Leeson's said listing the $144,000 house as ‘slightly haunted’ may not have been a good idea.