This modest home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, located at 480 Rainier Drive, looks very normal from the outside.  It is a typical “steel house”.  One of the thousands of small homes that were built as housing the people who worked in the steel industry.  Made from brick, it has a well-maintained yard and an above ground pool.

It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a fireplace, hardwood floors, and a spiral staircase to the mezzanine library.

Seems pretty normal, right?  Well, it’s how the rooms are decorated that make it unique.

The front door opens to a living room decorated like a castle from the 1200s.  Seated next to the floor-to-ceiling mural of space is a talking alien that greets you as you approach.

Like something out of the Nostromo from the movie "Alien", the dining room is set up to look like the command center of a space station or spaceship.  At one end of the dining room table is control center that includes control panels from an Apache helicopter and a working 55 inch TV.

The cramped kitchen has modern appliances, but is set up like a ship’s galley.  On one wall, there is a ship’s watertight hatch that conceals the laundry room.

The bathroom has a jungle theme.  There’s a tropical-themed room that even has a beach (with sand) and a bedroom with a funky 70s motif.

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