We can all agree that the summer of 2021 seemed really busy, right?  You are probably thinking it is just because of a contrast between how mediocre 2020 was.  While 2020 was mediocre, 2021 seemed busier because it was a lot busier.

According to the KJ, Maine set a new record for tourist spending in the summer of 2021. Between the months of June and September, visitors spent nearly $2.5 billion on hotels and restaurants.

This is not only a bounce back from the lackluster summer of 2020, it smashes 2019's numbers.  During the same peak summer season in 2019, visitors spent $2.2 billion.

Looking beyond just the peak summer season, visitors spent $3.7 billion on hotels and restaurants from January through September.  That is a 10% increase over the amount spent in 2019.

By some estimates, about ten million people visited the Pine Tree State over the summer.  They visited our beaches, quaint seaside towns, and ate at our amazing restaurants.

Clearly, the recent inflation contributed to these record numbers, but overall, it appears that more people visited Maine over the summer and they spent more money when they visited.

Hopefully, we'll see the summer of 2022 be event stronger than 2021 has been.

Maine Bars & Restaurants W/ Patios & Decks

Who doesn't love enjoying a beer and a burger on a patio (or deck) on a warm summer night? Clearly, as we are still dealing with the pandemic, you may want to reach out to each of these establishments to make sure they have not made any temporary COVID-related changes to their business.

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