The heavy weight boxing championship between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston took place at the Central Maine Youth Center in Lewiston on May 25, 1965.

The robe that was worn by Ali for the fight is now up for auction. It's a stained and faded Everlast terry cloth robe that was worn one day by Ali. The robe could be one of the most valuable pieces of boxing memorabilia.

What makes it so valuable is the embroidered big bright red capital letters on the back. All the letters are capitalized except for the final 'i' which is a small letter with the 'dot' intacted.

The otheer thing that majkes this robe special is it the first time Cassius Clay appeared in public as Muhammad Ali.

According to the robe is up for auction for 20 days through Golden Auctions, a major sports collectibles seller. The minimum bid is $75,000.

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