With Halloween just around the corner, let's take a look at some things in your home that can be a bad omen.

Here are some things from housebeautiful.com to consider:

An empty rocking chair is said to invite dark forces to come sit in it.If the the evil spirit has already sat in it, it may bring a death in the family.

Leave you house through the same door your entered. Folklore from the Pacific Northwest says it's bad luck to leave your house through a different door you entered it.

It's bad luck to get of bed on the opposite side you got in.

If you move into a new home buy a new broom. According to lore it's bad luck to sweep a new home with an old broom.

Shoes on a table could lead to death. This come from the mining tradition of placing a dead miners shoes on a table as a sign of respect. So placing shoes on a table when you aren't dead is tempting fate.

Keep you bedroom windows shut on November 1st. This superstition comes from Spain where they believe that the souls of the dead roam free that day and can enter your house through open windows.

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