For Saturday Night Live fans, the wait is almost over.

This Saturday, October 1, marks the 42nd season of the show, which has become must see TV for many. And "SNL" has never been shy about jumping into the presidential political races and using comedy.

From Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin, to Larry David's spot on impersonation of Bernie Sanders, SNL has managed to keep the show fresh, and funny over the years.

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According to  Alec Baldwin will play the role of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" this season. The actor will play the businessman turned candidate at least until the election, according to a source with knowledge of the casting. SNL cast member Kate McKinnon will reprise her role of Hillary Clinton.

"SNL" normally has its season premiere in September. This year's October start date is a direct result of the election season.

Showrunner Lorne Michaels recently told CNNMoney that he felt the show had to wait for the first debate to happen before coming back on the air.

Check out the promo below for the season opener.

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