According to the Sun Journal, 8-year-old RJ Bourgeois' of Greene is not new to giving back or being one of the kindest and most caring 8-year-olds out there. RJ's Love for donating all started a few Christmas's ago when he makes and sold crafts at local craft fairs and festivals in hopes of raising money to buy gifts for patients at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland.

When the pandemic started, RJ became increasingly worried that his fundraising plans wouldn't happen, with most events canceling or postponing. But, together, RJ and his family came up with an alternate plan. Knowing n-person events couldn't happen, RJ's Mom Brianna turned to online fundraisers, a silent auction, and she even set up a GoFundMe page in hopes that people would donate.

Together RJ, his family, and the community raised $3,719 in funds that would purchase gifts for children stuck in the hospital during Christmas and the holidays. Unfortunately, RJ hit another bump in the road when Barabra Bush Children's Hospital announced that they would not accept donate gifts from individuals. That didn't stop him, though. Instead, RJ and his family ordered items online and had the items shipped directly to the hospital.

No matter what, he was faced with RJ, shifted, modified, and adapted all to make sure others were taken care of, and it's one of the most selfless acts an 8-year-old has even done.

Thank you, RJ & Family; the world needs more selfless and compassionate people like you!



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