It was almost two years ago to the day when the blizzard of 2013 hit Maine. As Mainers await the blizzard for Monday night, Tuesday and into Wednesday, there are some things that are similar and some that are different.

The blizzard in February 2013 started on a Friday night and went through Saturday. It gave many Mainers the weekend to cleanup before heading back to work the following week. That storm saw Portland with 31.9 inches of snow. After that blizzard, the weather was fairly quiet for the rest of that winter.

This blizzard will be during the week and unfortunately more people will have to be on the roads. Temperatures after the storm are going to be brutal and more snow is likely later in the week.

In 2013, I shared stories of neighbors helping one another. One friend of mine came and plowed out my driveway. I helped my elderly neighbor by shoveling a path to her door. Hopefully we will hear similar stories during this storm.

Get prepared today and stay tuned to B98.5 for the latest.

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