As we start another work week, the weather has gotten a bit dicey. Heavy rain and strong wind gusts are making commutes to work challenging.

Be on the lookout for debris on the road on your way to work this morning. The wind is sending trash cans into the roads, tree limbs are falling into the road and whatever leaves are left on the trees are landing in the road giving it the potential to be slick.

Power outages have been going up all morning as the strong winds knock down trees and limbs that take the lines down with them.

Central Maine Power is on it with crews out in this nasty weather working hard to get your power back on. If you haven't lost power, it's a good idea to make sure your electronic devices are fully charged so that if your power does go out, you will be able to reach emergency services if you need them. If your power is out and you need a charge, you can power your phone in your car.

If you are without power, please call Central Maine Power at 1-800-696-1000, or if your smartphone is charged and has a signal, download the CMP app in your app store to report your outage so they can add you to this real-time list of power outages.

As always, the amazing crews at CMP will be out working tirelessly to restore power as quickly as they can, but it may take some time depending on the total number of outages.

Here's the current number of power outages that have been reported to CMP.

Clicking on a county will let you see what towns have outages and how many, and clicking the town will show you what streets have lost power.

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