Hi, I'm Quinn. I love talking on the radio, I get nervous around girls, and I love making people smile. When I stand on a scale it reads 315.3 lbs.

All my life I have been a big guy, it hasn't been easy. From a young age I was teased at school, which led to a lack of confidence and the only way I would cope was to eat. For years I believed I was not good enough because of what a number on the scale read, I let that number, those 4 digits dictate the way I would let myself feel. And honestly it was crippling.

I wouldn't be willing to participate in anything physical, I found myself avoiding social places where I believed more attractive people would be, such as the beach, or bars. I avoided those places because I believed if I showed up, if I walked in those doors, everyone would be judging me. And it took a very long time to admit, I was the only person who cared about that number, my friends did not invite me to those places because they wanted to mock my appearance, they invited me because they wanted me to be there. But my anxiety, and my horrible thoughts made me believe things that weren't even true.

The number on a scale, the number on my pants, and the number of X's on my shirt can not and will not change who i am as a person. If I lived on Mercury I would weigh roughly 120 lbs. On Jupiter, I'd weigh over 650. And if I lived on either of those planets, I promise you, I'd still love talking on the radio, I'd still get nervous around girls, and I'd still love to make people smile.

The reason I'm opening myself up like this is because I know there are people out there going through this too. I know how much your own mind can break you down and make you feel broken. But I want you to know, no one will ever be a better you, do not let anyone change the way you feel about yourself. If you want that 4 digit number to be lower or higher, more power to you, just don't lose the features that make you, you.

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