It seems like we've been living this 'new normal' life for years now. Realistically it's only been a few months, though most of us are already sick of it at this point.

One of the crappiest things about the entire thing has been the sheer number of businesses, theme parks and recreational areas that have been forced to close. Well, slowly but surely, these things are beginning to make a comeback.

According to the Kennebec Journal, several parks here in Maine are set to reopen Monday. If you recall, as part of the Governor's phased reopening plan, some state parks have already been given the green light to open while others, primarily coastal parks, have had to wait.

Beginning on Monday, Acadia National Park's 'Park Loop Road' will reopen, along with the park's public's restrooms. The park has been closed since the National Park Service made the initial closure announcement back on March 25th.

In addition to Acadia resuming partial operations, Mainers will also have the chance to begin visiting a handful of Coastal state parks on Monday. These parks include Popham Beach State Park, Fort Popham, Fort Baldwin, Ferry Beach State Park, Scarborough Beach State Park, Mackworth Island, Reid State Park, Crescent Beach State Park, Two Lights State Park and Kettle Cove State Park.

No matter where your summer plans take you, remember all of the wonderful places, parks and sites that are contained right here in the beautiful state of Maine. Sometimes we get so consumed with wanting to 'get out of here' on vacation that we forget just how many hidden gems are contained within the confines of our own state borders!


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