It is the most exciting and nerve wrecking time of your life, high school graduation. You have completed all your classes, you have your school of choice, and you think you are ready for the world. Let me tell you something that you might not have heard yet. Keep that attitude. Take the world on with the attitude that you can do anything. That is one of the incredible things about being young. Prepare to get knocked down, college is hard, work is not easy, people suck, you're going to deal with some pretty awful situations in your life, just don't lose that spark towards life.

You're going to have many interests in college, don't think that's a bad thing, having interests are great, finding out what you like is the whole point of college. My advice, major in a good field, communication, business, marketing, but minor in a passion. Have a career fallback, I know it sucks to think this way, but there is a chance your dream career doesn't work out, and that is 100% okay. My dream was to be in LA working as an actor, I was supposed to be the next big thing, but that didn't work out. Now I am in a career I never considered and happier than I've ever been.

Learn how to manage money, I cannot stress this enough. I got $800 dollars for graduating college back in 2010. I got that money in June, by September it was all gone. Every fiber of your adolescent being will tell you to spend it, I'm telling you to save it. You never know what is going to happen in life and having some money saved up will come in handy when life smacks you upside the head.

Now, to those of you out there who are like me, and had no interest in college.... Hell yeah! High Five! Nothing wrong with that. Look at me, i'm killing it, living my dream. Does that mean you get to be lazy? No. You better be prepared to work hard to fight for your jobs. Be the best you can be and no one will ever ask differently. Find a job you enjoy and go for it. If someone says you can't because you didn't go to school. Tell them to sit back and watch.

For some reason everyone in the country is looking at your generation as the worst in history. Prove them wrong. Go out into the world and live your lives the best way possible, for you. Don't live your life trying to please anyone but yourself. Fall in love, have a family, do good in this world.


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