It's the time of year when the roads are clogged with out of state visitors. Many of us have entertained friends and family, and there's always the inevitable first question: As a prepared Mainer, you have a token answer for them, and take them out for a good time. Thing is, they're around for more than a meal, and Maine has a ton of other great things to sample. What do you say when they ask, "what's next?"

1. Blueberry Pancakes: Mid summer is blueberry season in Maine, and there's nothing like Maine blueberries in pancakes.

2. Red Hot Dogs: Wanna a good laugh? Take someone "from away" to a takeout joint. Cue video when the bright red hot dogs show up on their tray. Take it from me, it's worth it.


3. B&M Beans: While you're on the red hot dog kick, give 'em a taste of local icon, B&M.

4. Moxie: They've probably heard of it, and honestly, are a bit curious. Even if you aren't a fan yourself, once cracking open 12 oz's of Maine goodness, they may become one. If not, see #2 on this list.

What is your Maine #2?