Three days ago the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey announced they would be charging to Santa this Christmas. They wanted parents to pay $35 to $50 to get a picture or video and Santa exhibit for their kids. Parents were not happy. Two days ago, the Mall has changed their mind.

Imagine that, after a backlash, they decided to change the experience to ‘free’. What they offer is truly a one-of-kind Santa experience; it’s one of only 12 in the country called ‘Adventure to Santa’. It’s a 17 to 20 minute interactive adventure that takes you on a trip to the North Pole.

The big problem is the kids could not sit on Santa’s lap unless they paid for the attraction, last year the ‘Adventure to Santa’ was free.  When the mall decided to charge, parents where ‘up in arms’. Since there has been such a huge objection the mall had change of heart.

The biggest objection was the fact that under privileged children would not be able to afford the cost.

Once again this year the ‘Adventure of Santa’ will be free.


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