Santa Claus

World Record Surfing Santa's
In Australia they broke a record for the most Santa Claus’s taking a surfing lesson. Retailer RedBallon organized the attempt at Bondi Beach.
After Uproar, Adventure to Santa in New Jersey Mall Will be Free
Three days ago the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey announced they would be charging to Santa this Christmas. They wanted parents to pay $35 to $50 to get a picture or video and Santa exhibit for their kids. Parents were not happy. Two days ago, the Mall has changed their mind.
Hey Santa!
Rob Hoffman of Rangeley, Maine has been spending the past few weeks at President's Park in Washington D.C. He's been greeting boys and girls as Santa Claus. Hoffman is a retired airline pilot and has portrayed Santa for the past eight years.
14 Creepy Santas Who Might Give You Nightmares
We love Santa. We really do! He's probably the coolest old guy we know, spending his life making presents, managing elves and eating cookies. Truth be told, we're sort of jealous. The jolly old guy usually looks bright and cheery and not all that scary, which is yet another reason we'…