Seems a little strange to be talking about college football recruiting this time of year but the truth is college football coaches recruit year round. Alabama and LSU, two of the powerhouses in the SEC, are in a recruiting war over an 8th grader. Dylan Moses will graduate high school in 2017 but according to his father LSU and Alabama are his and his sons #1 school, everyone else is #2.

Moses, an 8th grader in Louisiana is 6-foot-1 and weighs 215 pounds and runs a 40 yard dash like NFL running backs and both schools are trying to do whatever they can to have Moses sign with them or at least get a competitive edge over the other. Dylan, when you watch him play, is clearly not an average 8th grader and is considered a top prospect once he graduates high school.  LSU was aware of Moses’ talent when he was in 7th grade and started recruiting him then. The problem with recruiting a player so young is, will he be in good physical health when he gradiates, will he still have the desire to play football and will any of the coaches recruiting him now still coach when he’s ready to play. The good thing for Dylan is he still has plenty of time to decide.