Seven months after a fire destroyed the building, the Amish Community Market hopes to reopen next month.

The Amish Community Market and Bakery in Unity may open in September. According to the market's Facebook page a tentative opening date has been set. The announcement cautions that this is not a definite date, but the hope is the store will reopen around September 23. The post reads: "Target reopening date for the Community Market is around September 23rd. This is tentative, but a great target. So keep in mind this is a tentative date, not a definite date."

Updates on the rebuilding process has been documented on the Amish Community Market and Bakery's Facebook page, which has been exciting to see. The new building was rebuilt at an incredible pace. Builders prepped the cement pad for a new layer concrete on January 29. 12 days later, the walls and trusses went up, metal roof on, and the exterior wrapped.

Current projects on the building include constructing the porch and bakery. The cement for the bakery will be poured next week, so the building process can begin. Last week, the market received the needed permits from the State Fire Marshals Office.

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The fire broke out the afternoon of January 20. Fire officials say two people inside the building were able to make it outside safely. Unfortunately the building was a total loss. The Thorndike Road business had just reopened after their yearly two week inventory and cleaning.

Terri Bishop Boulier of Freedom drove by the fire, even before the firetrucks had arrived, and posted this video on Facebook.

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