I have never felt more love or acceptance from human beings in my life. On Friday I competed in the 8th season of Dancing with the Realtors. After 3 months of training I was ready for the event. It went amazing, over $25,000 raised to support habitat for Humanity. But this is so much more than that.

The entire week leading up to it, I was told my co workers couldn't make it. Different legitimate reasons prevented them from coming, and I understood. I was fully expecting to dance, have a good time and then go on with my day. As the dancers were getting ready I was checking out the dance floor and saw them, a whole group of my co workers flooded into the Calumet Club to support me. It was a very emotional experience for me. BUT IT DIDN'T END THERE!

As the dancers were preparing for the event my co-worker holds up her phone to show that she facetime'd my mom in California so she could see me dance. It was a mixture of happiness and so much pure joy that I can not express.

So to all my co workers who took this weird guy from California and made him part of your Maine family. Thank you.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who came out to Dancing with the Realtors and donated.

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