Nothing worries a mother more than seeing their child sick or hurt. So when Anderson started having these weird fevers, yes, I worried. Who wouldn't? That's my little boy.

To find some answers we took him to an allergist who suggested we take him to a rheumatoid specialist. Off to Portland we went!

The thing that caught me by surprise were the first two questions the doctor asked me and his dad: "What's your name?" and "How tall are you?" Being a rheumatoid doctor, they are concerned with joints and height because Rheumatoid Juvenile Arthritis can stunt a child's growth.

We were able to describe the fever episodes he has and his stepmother showed Dr. Fels a picture of the rash that came with the fevers. He was very interested to see that.

He gave us information on Periodic Fever Syndrome and said it is VERY possible he suffers from one of these. After reading through all the literature he gave us, we all think Anderson MAY have the strain of Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) Disease. It's a genetic disease that is given to the child by the parents. Each parent would have to give a mutated gene to the child and the parents would not need to show any signs at all. The child gets the fevers we described, the rash and the joint pain (Anderson feels it in his knee and his neck).

There is no cure but a medication, Colchicine, is used to treat it. It is taken regularly and the child can have a happy, normal and long life.

On his next onset of symptoms, he will have to have many labs done to make a definite diagnosis. I was hoping he would never have it again but the doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if his next episode happened in the next few weeks.

Thank you for all the support we've received. Anderson is the most precious little boy in the world. He is so full of life and love of everyone and everything around him. Getting an answer to his fevers may not be the answer we would like to hear but at least a diagnosis and a treatment can be obtained. Thank you for you prayers.




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