I really enjoy when the little things make my day and something that really made my day started off about a week ago. I was on Facebook and I saw a post from Cumberland Farms. It was a picture of their Iced Coffee and a caption that read something to the effect of 'who's ready for one'? Well, I must have saw right when they posted it.

I immediately posted my picture of me drinking a Cumberland Farms Iced Coffee and wrote the caption, 'This guy is ready!'

To my surprise, I got a reply from Cumberland Farms, saying that my post made their day and they asked me to private message them my mailing address and they'd like to send me some goodies.

I got home from work the other day and at my doorsteps was a package that was delivered by UPS! It was my goodies from Cumberland Farms.

I got a $20 gift card, sunglasses, a beach ball, a chocolate bar, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered pretzels, a drink, a stress baseball and a key chain! Holy mackerel!

See the video of me opening the box from Cumberland Farms and my reaction!

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