According to the KJ the City of Augusta is now looking at a potential third site to become the new Augusta Police Department location.

The third and newest proposed location is the old Hannaford on Willow Street across from City Hall.

Isn't that how it always is in Maine? We don't talk about things with an address. We just tell you what it used to be. "Where's the new police station?" "It's over where the old Hannaford used to be!" Ahhh, Mainers.

Anyway, if you're just now getting caught up on your Augusta Police potential new location news, the other two locations that have already been suggested are right next to the existing one on Union Street- you know, over by the Y! And and the corner of Water and Laurel streets. And yes, it's pronounced 'Laurel' not 'Yanni'. If you don't get it you won't get it.

One of the benefits of the old Hannaford location is that it's just across the river from downtown and is significantly flatter than the other proposed locations. It is also out of the floodplain and could potentially have significantly lower development costs.

Augusta City Manager Bill Bridgeo says he has spoken with the property owners and the Hannaford Corporation about the potential for this move. The property owners are willing to sell the lot and Hannies wouldn't mind getting out of the six years remaining on their lease. What? Hannaford still has SIX YEARS left on the lease there? How long ago did that location close?? 1996?!

Bridgeo, however, suggested waiting on going after that location until after the scheduled Feb. 24 meeting between city and state Department of Economic and Community Development officials, where he hopes to find out whether the city could use money contained in tax increment financing in the project.

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