Over the last decade, one of the most positive things we have seen happening here in New England is the renovation and repurposing of our century old buildings.  We are frequently seeing old mill buildings, many that date back to the 1870s, being turned into apartments, breweries, restaurants, shops, and light manufacturing factories.

These old building reclamations are not limited to old mill buildings, either.  We have seen it happen to old offices, old schools, and now a century old fire station.

According to News Center Maine, the Brunswick town council has approved a plan that would allow a group of developers to turn the old Brunswick Central Fire station into several things, including affordable housing.

The group calling themselves the Developers Collaborative will purchase the old fire station for $200,000.  Then, starting in the spring of 2024, they'll begin a $3.5 million renovation of the building.

When the work is complete, the lower level will be home to a community kitchen and will be a new home for Brunswick-based Moderation Brewery.  On the building's upper level, there will be five affordable housing units.  There will also be a green space in the area around the building.

So, the plan will not only provide Brunswick, and the surrounding area, with an economic boost, it will also help to combat the growing housing crisis in our state.

According to the Brunswick, Maine website, the fire station was built in 1919 and was occupied continuously for about a century.

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