Mild Winter In Northeast Drives Lobster Prices To Record Lows
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Maine is the best place to get a lobster roll but where is the world's best version of the dish?

That distinction goes to a restaurant in Atlanta. A contest in Maine from Down East: The Magazine of Maine picked Executive Chef Andrew Isabella of BeetleCat who beat out nine other chefs, half of whom were from Maine.

Second place went to chefs from Park City, Utah and third place went to Kittery, Maine.

The winners were picked by electronic voting during an event put on by the magazine where 400 people attended. All attendees sampled the lobster rolls and then voted on their favorite.

According to the irony of Atlanta winning the best lobster roll didn't go unnoticed by the magazine by saying Maine is secure enough in out 'Maine-ness' to give credit when someone else makes a good lobster roll.

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