The Masters Golf Championship is this weekend (4-5,6,7,8) from Augusta, Ga.

This year to combat unruly and disruptive behavior, the Masters has banned fans from yelling the Bud Lite phrase 'Dilly, Dilly.'

On someone working security said they all received a sheet of prohibited words and phrases that would get spectators an immediate ejection from the tournament.

Weather Dilly, Dilly is at the top of the list is not known but it is one phrase that will get you kicked out of the event. For years fans have yelled 'get in the hole' or 'baba booey' but it's not clear if they can still yell those phrases out.

In response to 'Dilly. Dilly' being banned, Bud Lite has sent 1,000 'Dilly, Dilly' shirts to the tournament.

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