As someone who has loved dogs their entire life, it always brings great joy to my heart when a canine office retires after providing wonderful service to a community.

A K-9 officer with the Auburn Police Department named Rocky is heading into retirement. According to a press release by the Auburn Police Department, Rocky has been a part of the Auburn P.D. since 2013. After graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy K9 School, Rocky served with two officers, Officer Tyler Ham, and more recently with Officer Donald Cousins.

Rocky is German Shepherd, and was named after a fallen Auburn Police Officer named Rodney “Rocky” Bonney.

K-9 Rocky was in service for 8 years. In that time, Rocky assisted over 345 times, ranging for anything from tracking, to drug detection, and even apprehensions. According to the press release, Rocky had a success rate of 30%, which is quite a remarkable performance by a K9 Police Officer.

Aside from his many adventures in service Rocky was also a great ambassadors for the Auburn PD, making many community appearances, as well as K9 demonstrations, and he really likes kids.

Rocky will continue to live with Officer Cousins and his family, and will surely be remembered for his faithful service over the years.

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