Happy Birthday Augusta Police Department on their 168th birthday: March 27, 2018!

Not being to much of a trouble maker, I normally have more 'social visits' and interaction with the Augusta Police Department. But is is sure nice to know they are nearby IF I REALLY need them!

At the Augusta Police Department they even have a museum! In the lobby,public areas, hallways... they have some things on display.  There is also a museum room that if you are a bit of a history nerd or police geek is so cool!!  To see the collection you would need to schedule an appointment since most of it is in a secure area.

One other thing, did you know the lobby at the Augusta Police Department is an Online Exchange Zone. If you do any online sales that require you to meet the buyer in person, you can meet them IN THE LOBBY at APD.  It is open 24/7 and is under video surveillance.

They have a disposal for needles and unwanted meds in the lobby that is accessible any time!

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