According to the KJ, an attempted robbery on Thursday (November 12th) night was prevented by some teenage bystanders.

At around 7 PM, 25 year old Eric Connor Michael Bachand allegedly attempted to rob the McDonald's Restaurant on Bangor Street in Augusta.  According to Augusta Police Department's Sgt. Eric Lloyd, while he did not display a weapon Bachand did make a general threat and demand cash from the employees.

Bachand was given cash and fled the restaurant on foot.  Just outside the door, he was stopped by two teenage boys and held until police arrived.  One of the boys, most-likely customers, came out of the incident with minor injuries.

Bachand was taken to the Kennebec County Jail and, initially, held without bail.  On Friday a judge set bail on that crime at $20,000, but his bail was also revoked on a previous case, so he’s expected to be held without bail until at least his early February hearing.

Bachand has been charged with charged with robbery, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, violating a condition of release, criminal mischief and assault.  The robbery charge carries a penalty of ten years in prison.

While the appreciate what the boys do, police do not encourage people to intervene in robberies.  They warn that you never know what someone might be on or what lengths they are willing to go to avoid prosecution.

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