An Augusta woman is looking for the driver of a truck that allegedly sideswiped her in the Cony Rotary in Augusta on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a Facebook post by Cheryl Brigham, her mother, Connie LaChance, was driving through the Cony Rotary at about 12:45 PM on Tuesday when she was sideswiped by a log truck.  LaChance believes the truck was a tandem log truck.

In order to find a place to safely stop, she exited the rotary and made her way to the Hannaford parking lot.  The good news?  She is okay.  And, really, that is the important part.

Unfortunately, by the time she LaChance got to a safe place to park, the log truck was long gone.

Hopefully, the driver will see this post and report the accident to the police.

The post goes on to say:

The truck has 48 hrs to report the accident to the police, however, just to be sure, I wanted to see if anyone saw anything that might lead us to the truck that did this. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. You may contact me directly through messenger, or if you feel more comfortable, may contact the APD.

Keep in mind, that there is a good chance that the driver of the truck has no idea that he or she even hit the vehicle.  As crazy as that may sound based on the damage to the vehicle, when you are driving a truck that massive, it does happen.

Cheryl Brigham said you can feel free to reach out to her directly or you can call the police with any information.

It is important that any suspects are considered innocent until being found guilty in a court of law

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