If your child has ever brought home a Mercy Watson book, then you know who I'm talking about!

A Portland born author, Chris van Dusen has visited many schools. He visited Benton Elementary last year, much to Anderson's delight! Tuesday, he was in Auburn at Jayden and Bradley's school and Jayden was so excited! Why? Well, here's why!

Jayden has been saying for the last 3 months (since I bought her the drawing story pad) that she wants to be an author and illustrator. She is very creative and I can see that she will be a great artist. She takes after her dad!

Anderson and I went to the library on Tuesday and when he was browsing through the shelves, he spotted the Mercy Watson books. Then he said they are by the man that is visiting Jayden's school tomorrow.

Turns out she LOVES his books! And when she got to meet him she showed him her story books that she had created. He said they were very good and not to give up on her dreams!

It was like me meeting Billy Joel. Starstruck! And, no, I have never met Billy Joel. Dang it.

When I brought them home she saw the Mercy Watson book on the table, picked it up and shouted "He was at my school!" She started reading it right away!

I am so glad to see kids enjoying reading so much. I hope they never lose the love for it.

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Photo by Sharon Buck

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