You might recognize the name as one of the openers for Luke Combs recently announced debut headlining tour, Jameson Rodgers is this weeks new artist spotlight.

Jameson Rodgers was born in Batesville, Mississippi and grew up with 2 loves, sports and music. Both of those passions led him to his career paths in life. Baseball took him to college, he earned a scholarship. During his college years he found a new passion for writing songs and performing which led to him changing his career path after transferring schools. Shortly after graduation he moved to Nashville with his dedication finally paying off when he landed a publishing deal with Combustion/Atlas Music in 2014. Fast forward a few short years and Jameson saw his first cut “Wish You Were On It" on Florida Georgia Line’s "Dig Your Roots” album.

You can see him with Luke Combs in Bangor in March. Check out Midnight Daydream below.

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