Born and raised in Amory Mississippi, Trent Harmon grew up around music. He learned to sing at a very young age and grew up singing in church. When he was 24 he was convinced by a friend to audition for the Voice, he made it all the way to the coaches auditions but failed to turn a chair. he was not deterred from that situation and the next year he auditioned for the final season of the original run of american idol.

After months of stressful auditions and performances he was chosen as the final American Idol on April 7, 2016 where he was awarded a recording contract with Big Machine Records. He surprised many people after being a predominantly r&b singer on American Idol by releasing his debut country track, There’s A Girl in late 2016. Since its release, There’s A Girl has been streamed more that 36 million times and the music video has been watched over 5 million times on Youtube.

There's A Girl, and his newest single, You Got Em All, can be heard below.


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