There are some foods you should never eat raw. Since the discovery of fire, man has learned to cook food to make it taste better and to make it more healthy for us to eat. Animals, of course, can’t control fire like us, so they still eat foods raw, but for man, it’s not a good idea. Here are some foods the experts say we should never eat raw. Some of these are probably foods you would never eat anyway, but here’s the list.

Chicken is a no brainer, we have heard that all of our lives. The reason is that between processing and the supermarket, chicken can pick up lots of nasty bugs that could send you the hospital. Cooking it to at least 165 degrees kills the bacteria.

Eggs may look cool to drink raw but it's not a good idea. Eggs are loaded with protein but drinking them raw opens you up to salmonella which is in the yolk of one in every 30,000 eggs.

Pits and seed of several fruits like apples, pears, peaches, mangos and apricots. These shouldn’t be eaten at all raw or cooked. The seeds and pits from fruits are soft on the inside and seem edible but they contain cyanide. The good thing is you would have to eat a whole lot of them to get sick.

Some others include pork, raw kidney beans and rhubarb leaves.